There’s a storytelling technique that I learned a long time ago that I still use today and I think it helps me create compelling and powerful videos.

The technique is called say it, prove it. What I mean by that is that for every statement that is said, a video example is used to showcase that. I try and use a piece of video, soundbite or a moment in a video to do this.

When you reinforce a message over and over by not only saying it, but proving the message using video, viewers get a better understanding of the idea and therefore remember the message.

The simplest way to do this is using visuals of what you’re talking about. It sounds very basic, but often overlooked by some of our competitors. It’s why we work with each client to understand their business or message so we can think ahead to get the right images that match their story and brand. I don’t just shoot a bunch of random video, but the right shots that tell the story visually. It could be your business logo with customers in the background. Or it could be your product in action, someone smiling after buying your product. The visual proof is there and that’s what makes a powerful video.

Sara also uses this technique when writing scripts and interviewing a client on-camera. She asks certain questions that will showcase the client’s story. She also guides the client on how to share their story in their own words, so it sounds natural. Therefore the story never looks canned or scripted, even though it is. She weaves those client moments and interviews into a script that helps support the main message in the story. This allows the video to feel authentic and real while proving the client’s message.

My favorite way to use the “say it, prove it” technique is capturing a client in a moment on-camera. It could be someone laughing, crying, shouting or whispering. Moments are the pieces of our daily lives that are caught on video of someone in their natural state. The impact of a moment can really be powerful when edited in the right section of a video. Which is why I not only capture moments when shooting with my camera, but also make sure to edit those moments into the correct part of the video where it will bring an emotional punch. This allows the viewer to not just hear the message, but feel it. And that is how they will remember it.

Anyone can “say it” but at StoryCatchers Media our storytelling technique of always wanting to “prove it” is what is going to make your video stand out.