Small Business Videos

Artistic Body Development Marketing Video

Artistic Body Development is Denver’s first and oldest Pilates studio, opening its doors in 1986 in the city’s Golden Triangle. The story begins years before however, when its founders, Mike Dailey and Andrea Bains, worked and danced together as ballet partners. It was during this time that their ballet instructor Larry Boyette, approached them to start a Pilates program for the other ballet students at the school. As their business and clientele grew, Mike and Andrea began to notice deficiencies in the traditional Pilates method, and so they began to develop the Pilates-based technique Artistic Body Development teaches today, called Myopatterning. You can learn more about this new technique in their marketing video.

Z1 Career Zone

Z1 Career Zone helps those in college and recent grads get their first job. The program is much more than just polishing-up a resume. Z1 Career zone helps college students figure out what career they will be most successful at based on their degree and their interests. From there, they use the latest e-learning tools and personal coaches that will give a complete overview of today’s hiring process including how to use social media when hunting for a job and how to handle all aspects of an interview.

Hobnob Marketing Video

Hobnob is a place where dogs can hang out with other dogs and have fun. Hobnob has a daycare, overnight hotels, pools and it also has a store with specialty food items. Check out why so many dogs just love this place.

ARCM Roofing Marketing Video

ARCM Roofing Inc. specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial roofing services. They use state-of-the-art equipment including drones to help you get the roof you need. Their focus is customer service and as you will see they go above and beyond to make all their customers happy.

Colorado Counseling Center

Colorado Counseling Center specializes in couples therapy and marriage counseling. When creating their marketing video, we wanted to showcase the passion and dedication that these counselors have for their clients. They truly want to help couples rediscover the love in their marriage.

Chuck Terry, Sandler Sales Training of Lone Tree

Chuck Terry has been in the training and consulting business for over 20-years. StoryCatchers Media created a video for Chuck that could help him better market his skills to potential clients. We captured what Chuck does best which is working with sales people who are experiencing problems such as declining margins, poor closing ratios, low quota attainment, and other issues that impede optimal business growth.