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Here’s How It Works:

  • You tell us about your case and what you want in your videos
  • Our producer works with you to develop a script for the video
  • All video is shot using professional cameras, lights and microphones.
  • We conduct the interviews and asks the pertinent questions to your client, their family members, caregivers and your expert witnesses.
  • The video will also include your documents needed to prove your case

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Day-In-The-Life Videos For Settlement

Length: 20-30 minutes

StoryCatchers Media spends eight or more hours in a day with your client just shooting the video. The video showcases what a day-in-the-life is like for your client. We not only demonstrate day-to-day tasks like dressing, eating or hygiene issues, but we will also shoot video of physical therapy, occupational therapy, hippo therapy or rehabilitation sessions. Usually we schedule these sessions within the same day.

A Day-In-The-Life video for settlement purposes includes narration and interviews with family members, caregivers and expert witnesses. The video will be professionally edited based on your needs and includes music from StoryCatchers Media’s music library. We base our price on time. Longer videos take more time to edit and sometimes video shoots can last up to 12 hours.

Day-In-The-Life Videos For Trial

Length: 5-10 minutes

Trial Day-In-The-Life videos highlight the client doing an activity. Each video is based on a topic. For example, one video may show a client’s struggle dressing, bathing and or eating. Another video may demonstrate a therapy session or the difficulties the client has at school or work. These videos would NOT include narration, interviews or music.

Settlement Video of Your Entire Case

Length: 30 minutes- 1 hour

A settlement video lays out your entire case using the power of video. These videos are usually longer in length, like a short film, highlighting everything in your case using your depositions, expert witness as well as documents and pictures to prove your case. Usually we create the video in sections and lay it out in a story format describing what happened to the client, how it effected their life, and the life care plan in the future. We make points in the video using your expert witnesses you have chosen for the case. We also shoot video to make the story more compelling.

From there, our producer works with you to put together a script of all the points you want to make in your case.  The video is then professionally edited.  A settlement video includes narration as well as all of the documents, graphics, and animations that you would use if you were to file this case on paper.

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