What is video storytelling? Our name is StoryCatchers media because we believe in good storytelling, it is what we do best and why we are not your average Video Production company.

IMG_1201So what is it? First it is what it sounds like, putting videos together with a clear and compelling story. A beginning, a middle and end. People who you get to know, they are characters in the story who can draw you in and make you understand through their eyes. It is hearing, seeing and feeling through details and emotion. The best way to feel a story is to share someone’s perspective and know why they do things and why something matters. Capturing natural moments is essential, that is what life is about and how the viewer will connect with the characters. I have talked about the importance of truth before in our productions and I think it is crucial to a great story. When the story is genuine the viewer connects with the message, that is the best marketing, a true story. When your customers watch a compelling video that tells a story, they get more than just your message, they connect with you and they remember your message. A good story has that power and delivers more than just a simple video can.

Anyone can make a basic video and try to get a message out, but what makes our work different is finding the story beyond that. Sara and I come from the world of Television News and know that journalism is a starting point and a key to knowing more, but does not make compelling television on it’s own. What we tried to do every time we went to cover the news was craft a story from it. I can tell you that our stories were always at the mercy of time and deadlines, but that was also our great daily challenge.  Just like in any profession, there was wide variations in quality and some people took the easy way out and would call it “good enough.” That was never my standard. Part of that standard was to always tell a story not just trow up video. No matter how rushed I was I always tried to compose my shots, capture natural sound, make edits that advanced the story like an opening and close, and work in personal details that helped you know who people were. This is how I practiced my craft for 17 years in TV news and I still use now. I believe no matter how rushed you are there is always time to tell a good story.

IMG_1229How does Storytelling come into play when for example we are doing a video profiling a company that may seem dry at first glance? We simply try to get to know who that business is, who are the people and why do they do what they do? I always used to say in News that the why was my favorite part of the who, what, where, when and why formula of journalism. That was the part that made you understand, feel and connect with people. A good story is more why than what, anyone can do the basics but that deeper understanding comes from a good story. It also makes a video more compelling when you can know why people do what they do.

A business is more than just a building or spread sheets, it is people and a mission. We go beyond and we tell your story and that means knowing more than the basics and then telling that. We know what makes a great story and we will help you find yours.