The other day one our clients ask me what was my favorite part of shooting and I thought, what a great question. It was not the first time I had been asked that of course, but it has been awhile and a lot has changed for me. I worked in TV news for nearly 20 years and at that time I had a standard answer. Now I work in video production and market, but I find that the answer is still the same.  For me it’s not about capturing a pretty shot, but it’s about meeting people and getting to know them, capturing moments, being truthful to my subjects, and telling a good story. That will never change.

On the face of it video production and journalism may not seem to have a lot in common, but the skills I learned in that world I use everyday, because telling a good story transcends all mediums and subject matter. You may have already wondered about our name StoryCatchers, we chose that name to be true to who we are and what we do. Telling stories is what separates us from our competitors and that difference is what each client gets when I turn on my camera. There are a lot of companies out there doing video these days ,but how the majority can’t tell a story. I also believe that the most powerful marketing is honesty. Your customers will always see through anything else and the best way to connect with them is through telling a compelling story that is true to you. I strive to connect with people because I believe that is how I can best do my job. Once I understand who you are, I will be true to that. I know that my news background is a strength in my work now giving me insights and understanding from all the people I was privileged to meet and connect with over the years. Everyone has a message, a story to tell, and I cherish that in my work.

The craft of how I shoot, light, and edit is all still important, for sure, but it is only the foundation of the story. The very high standard of the images and the edited finished product are part of my daily practices, but I know what makes StoryCatchers different is to go beyond that, to achieve even more.When Sara and I work with a new client we want to know more than just where and when. What really matters to us is getting your message told. The meaning of your message and why it matters to you and your business/group is at the core of turning it into a good story. We want to go beyond just repeating your message in a video, we want to capture who you are, tell your story and make it memorable. We want others to remember that message and get to know you and connect with you first. The people involved in what you do are the characters at the core of each story and when I get to know them with my camera the viewer will too. You and those around you are the most powerful marketing tool you have and if you trust us to share your story then you will connect with everyone who watches. That is our mission.

IMG_0225The client who asked me that question was at a Swedish Hospital and I had been working with them on a video about deep brain stimulation. DBS is an amazing marvel of science that restores someones control over their own body after they have lost that control due to Parkinson’s, MS, or essential tremors. That is a great subject to make a video on and rewarding to talk about the science, but what made this video so much more powerful was the patient, a woman who  loved to fly fish, but lost that ability because of Parkinson Disease. Fly fishing was her passion and something she shared with her father since she was a little girl, but now she can’t do it anymore. After going through deep brain stimulation, I had the privilege to go fly fishing with this patient for the first time.  My camera was able to capture every moment as she was able to regain control over her hands, when the doctors found that spot in the brain it was like flipping a switch, what a powerful moment! But, what was much more powerful was when I joined her a month later for an hour of fly fishing. Her hands are now rock steady and she continues to have a smile on her face. Yes we are telling a marketing message about the hospital, but I never changed anything about the story, I stayed true to who she is and her story. That is why I love doing this job, I am privileged to meet people and I am always honored to be trusted to tell their story. That is truly the best part of my job.